UAP Pearce candidate sick of two-party system

United Australia Party candidate for Pearce Robert Forster’s preferences are being directed to the LNP at the May 18 federal Election.

PEARCE candidate Robert Forster says he is motivated to run for federalParliament as he is sick and tired of the two-party duopoly and their incessant arguing.

Mr Forster, who is a member of Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party, said he also wanted to stimulate the economy to secure the future of children in general.

Since becoming a candidate for the May 18 federal Election Mr Forster of Chidlow has also been contacted by people affected by Per-and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) particularly in West Bullsbrook near Pearce air base where firefighting foams containing the toxic chemicals were used.

Mr Forster – a fire engineering consultant – said once the party won government his first priority would be securing scheme water for West Bullsbrook residents who have had to use bottled water for drinking since May 2017.

In the medium term he wanted to have hemp planting introduced in the contaminated areas, which he said would strip contaminants and clean up the area.

A long-term goal is for PFAS-affected residents to be monitored for the 12 cancers that are known to affect firefighters.

Mr Forster said in his former profession as a firefighter for about 40 years he had a lot to do with getting the illnesses associated with PFAS toxicity and firefighting duties recognised.

He said that fight resulted in the implementation of Presumptive Legislation (which came into operation in November 2013) to medically cover illnesses caused by those duties.

On April 29 in a statement Mr Palmer said there had been a lot of speculation in regard to preferences.

“United Australia Party (UAP) will win government, consequently our preferences may never be distributed,’’ the statement said.

But further on the statement said the party’s would be preferencing the LNP.

While voters can choose to follow a how-to-vote card handed out by a political party, the final decision regarding preferences is in the hands of each voter.

A poll by You-Gov Galaxy on May 1 for The Sunday Times published on Sunday, May 5 showed in Pearce the UAP was polling 2 per cent of the primary vote while Pauline Hanson’s One Nation was getting 5 per cent.

A former councillor at the Shire of Mundaring in the 1990s Mr Forster represented the east ward and was a member of the council’s engineering services committee.

He grew up in Wanneroo in the Burns Beach area where his father was a truck driver and he owns a property in Talbot where he farms cattle and sheep.

A keen horse rider he also operates a horse transport business.

Planting trees on his property is another passion and he has been active in organisations and committees including the Wooroloo Landcare Development Committee, Chidlow Recreational Organisation Committee, Mt Helena Recreation Group Committee and the Chidlow Ratepayers Association.

The UAP national policies listed on the party’s website are party officials should not be lobbyists, revising the Australian government’s refugee policy, mineral wealth should be created to contribute to the welfare of Australians and allowing for wealth to flow back to the community that generated the wealth.