WA Rocks comes to Yanchep

The popular craze of painting rocks and leaving them for others to find has arrived in Yanchep.

MACIE Holder of Yanchep has been busy painting and hiding rocks since she heard about WA Rocks some three weeks ago.

Her mother Geralee said her husband Dallin Holder first read about WA Rocks on Facebook.

“We were taking a walk along the beach in Yanchep and my husband found a pink rock with a doggie sticker on it.

“He picked it up and told me about WA Rocks.

“I knew that was something my daughter would love (as) she is completely obsessed with painting.’’

Mrs Holder said Macie enjoyed the creative part of painting the rocks. “She loves trying to make each rock completely different.

“I love that she has to use her imagination.

“Last week Macie found her first rock – we have found others but she was never the one to actually spot it – she was so excited.

“WA Rocks is a cute little community – we love being part of the creating and the seeking.’’

The WA Rocks Facebook group was started three months ago and already more than 45,000 Western Australians from Broome to Albany, mine sites, rural towns and everywhere in between have joined.

Inspired by similar concepts in New Zealand, WA Rocks encourages people to paint rocks – unpolished, clean dry rocks are best – and hide them in public areas for people to find.

Rock painters usually post a picture of the rock to the Facebook group, telling members the general location.

Those hunting rocks can also post pictures of them when they’ve found them, and either keep them or hide them again, each time updating the Facebook post so that group members are aware.

WA Rocks founder Alana Stevenson said parents complained their children were ‘tech-obsessed’ and hers too were heading that way, so the concept seemed like the perfect solution.

“It’s inexpensive, accessible to all, and suitable for all ages and abilities,” she said.

“I think the appeal lies in its simplicity.

“It’s getting people socialising, creating, and getting out into the fresh air.

“People are always looking for free activities to do as a family.

“There’s something really great about all Western Australians joining under one banner on WA Rocks to represent their state.

“Some of our biggest contributors on our page are from our more rural and remote communities which is fantastic.’’

She said there was much more to WA Rocks than just hiding an finding rocks.

“We are now in the final stages of registration and are partnered with some well-known charities and community organisations.

“We are and will continue to raise money and awareness for these charities as well as spread love and joy through our rock art.’’