Wanneroo councillor a proud Liberal

Linda Aitken says being a member of the WA Liberal Party does not stop her from making council decisions based on community need. Picture: Anita McInnes

NORTH coast ward candidate Linda Aitken is being promoted as a capable councillor by the Pearce branch of the WA Liberal Party.

Yanchep News Online has seen an email sent from Pearce division president Rod Henderson asking people to support Cr Aitken in the upcoming local government election.

In the email Mr Henderson says: “We need capable councillors and we need to keep Labor-Greens out.’’

Cr Aitken who is hoping to be returned as a City of Wanneroo councillor on Saturday, October 21 said she had never hidden she was a member of the Liberal Party.

She said it was common knowledge in the community and during the past four years she had always made decisions based on the community need and never been given direction from anybody. “Remember I am a redhead and nobody tells me what to do,’’ she said.

“If I am re-elected as north coast ward councillor on the 21st of October I will continue to consider each situation according to its merits and as what is best for the ratepayers I represent only.’’

Yanchep News Online asked Cr Aitken if she had asked Mr Henderson, who is also a City of Swan councillor, to send her election flyer to Liberal voters or other people he knew in the north coastal ward.

She said if Mr Henderson chose to refer to her council campaign in his correspondence that decision was entirely up to him to make.

Cr Aitken was the Liberal Party candidate for the seat of Butler in the March state election, which was won by Labor’s John Quigley.

There are 14 candidates running for the north coast ward.

As well as Cr Aitken Yanchep News Online has been told two other candidates also have political affiliations – one candidate was said to be associated with the Labor Party and the one with the Liberal Party.

All candidates have been contacted by either phone or email and asked if they have ties to a political party.

Candidates Rudi Steffens, Mathew Eby, Sonet Coetzee, Laura Gray, John Ware, Glynis Parker, Helen Berry, Lewis Flood, Ryan Eaton, June Kelly, Max Hoy, Neil Rigby and Chris Howard have said they have no political affiliations with any political party.