Wanneroo recommends approval of Newman Rd service station

Newman Rd resident Ken Sambell is concerned about a petrol station being situated so close to homes and downwind of a primary school, an aged care facility and a child care centre. Picture: Anita McInnes

A MEETING to decide on a service station proposed for the corner of Newman and Yanchep Beach roads, the approval of which a City of Wanneroo officer has recommended, will be held on Monday, November 19.

The Metro North-West joint development assessment panel (JDAP), which will make the decision includes City of Wanneroo councillors Frank Cvitan and Samantha Fenn.

Two Rocks Yanchep Residents Association acting president Debbie Lanario and secretary Lorraine Jackson will conduct a power point presentation at the meeting.

The $2 million proposal is 20m west of an existing residential area, 50m south of Old Nursery Park, 150m south of an aged-care facility, 160m east of Newman Park, 210m south west of Yanchep Beach Primary School and 550m north east of the Yanchep Lagoon.

The closeness to Newman Rd homes goes against the 2005 guidance for the assessment of environmental factors Western Australia (in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act 1986) Environmental Protection Authority separation distances between industrial and sensitive land uses, which says the buffer for service stations operating during normal hours (Monday to Saturday from 7am to 7pm) should be 50m.

Yanchep News Online also understand the Department of Health if asked recommends in the absence of local modelling data a 50m buffer.

The City of Wanneroo officer’s approval recommendation for the Harley Dykstra application for owners Goa Investments has conditions including that operating hours of the service station-convenience store should be limited to 6am to midnight seven-days a week.

“All deliveries to the site, including refuelling by refuelling tankers, shall only be between 7am to 7pm Monday to Saturday only,” the officer recommended.

“The granting of an easement in gross, in favour of the public at large prior to the development first being occupied over the area generally identified as car parking and vehicular access-ways on the approved plan, including access ways over Lot 12 Yanchep Beach Rd.’’

All costs associated with the preparation of the easement shall be met by the landowner.

“A notification under section 70A of the Transfer of Land Act shall be prepared in a form acceptable to the city, and lodged with the Registrar of Titles at the Department of Land information for endorsement on the Certificate of Title, prior to the occupation of the development.

“The notification is to alert prospective purchasers that the access point onto Yanchep Beach Rd will be restricted to a left in/left out arrangement when the proposed upgrading of Yanchep Beach Rd is completed.’’

“The proponent (BP Australia) shall enter into a legal agreement with the landowner (Goa Investments) and the City of Wanneroo prior to the commencement of development, to ensure that the adjoining Lot 12 (3) Newman Rd, Yanchep is cleared of the required vegetation and maintained to a ‘low threat state’ as required in the Bushfire Management Plan (dated October 2, 2018), prepared by Envision Bushfire Protection.

“The legal agreement is to be prepared at the proponent’s cost to the satisfaction and specification of the City of Wanneroo.”

“Lighting shall be installed to pathways and car parking areas, be designed in accordance with the Australian Standards for the control of obtrusive effects of outdoor lighting (AS4282) and shall be internally directed to not overspill into nearby lots.

“All floodlights shall be oriented and hooded to eliminate disturbance to occupants on the surrounding properties.

“All illuminated signage shall have any boxing or casing in which it is enclosed constructed of incombustible materials, shall not comprise of flashing, pulsating, chasing or running lights and shall not have such intensity as to cause annoyance to the public or illuminate beyond the extent of the lot boundaries.’’

The development application proposes a convenience store, including six fuel bowsers (twelve refuelling bays) and associated 170sqm retail building selling convenience goods and two 75sqm showrooms, signage, including a 6m-high pylon sign, access and egress to Newman Rd and Yanchep Beach Rd including a right of carriageway over adjoining Lot 12 (3) Newman Rd.

The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) recommended a condition be imposed on any approval granted for the applicant to lodge for a dangerous goods site licence.

The application was referred to the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA), who said they had no comment on the proposal.

It was also referred to the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) for comment but no comment was received during the consultation period.

The JDAP meeting starts at 2pm in the City of Wanneroo council chambers meeting room.

Disclosure: The journalist is a nearby landowner.