Yanchep rail compound will be adjacent to Booderee Rd

Construction personnel and equipment are due to soon start moving on to a Metronet Yanchep compound, which will be accessed from Kakadu Rd. Picture: Metronet

YANCHEP residents can soon expect to see increased activity including a compound adjacent to Booderee Rd and geotechnical investigations relating to the Yanchep rail extension, according to the Public Transport Authority.

On Monday, July 20 Public Transport Authority (PTA) spokesman David Hynes said track-laying of the Yanchep line was expected to start in late 2021.

Construction personnel and equipment are due to soon start moving on to the compound adjacent to Booderee Rd, which will be accessed from Kakadu Rd in Yanchep.

Mr Hynes said NEWest Alliance had been granted access to start geotechnical investigations in the coming days.

At this stage it is anticipated that this compound will be used for the duration of the project.

He said clearing of vegetation was on track to start in the last week of July.

“Clearing and earthworks will be ongoing until mid-August when the deep soil-mix trial will start,’’ he said.

“Deep soil-mixing is a ground improvement technique that improves the characteristics of weak soil by mixing in a binder such as cement or fly ash.

“This is expected to end in late September.’’

He said vehicles will be onsite from this week as early works and clearing start.

The latest Metronet Yanchep update said initially eight to 10 vehicles will be travelling to and from the compound between 6.45am and 4.30pm and that the numbers will increase as works progress.

Mr Hynes said it was too early to estimate vehicle numbers at this stage.

Early works for the rail extension project have started along the rail alignment between Butler station and the future Eglinton station (south of Pipidinny Rd).

He said fencing had already started yet at the compound at the northern end of Chesam Rise in Alkimos – access to the compound is via Howden Pde.

“Once the site preparation contractor RJ Vincent has handed over all the site, NEWest Alliance can start their bulk earthworks program near Alkimos.’’

The compound will be fenced and there may be machinery and equipment be parked on site overnight when earthworks commence in the coming weeks.

During bulk earthworks RJ Vincent, the appointed contractor, is allowed to work between 7am and 7pm from Monday to Saturday.
During this time there will be increased noise from machinery being used and residents can expect to see machinery in the rail corridor.

The contractor has to follow approved noise and traffic management plans.