Butler candidate calls for underground power

Opposition leader Liza Harvey in Two Rocks with Liberal candidate for Butler Linda Aitken last week. Picture: Anita McInnes

LIBERAL candidate for Butler, Linda Aitken has started a petition calling for the powerlines on Wanneroo Rd between Pipidinny Rd and north of Old Yanchep Rd to be put underground.

Last week Mrs Aitken, who is also a City of Wanneroo North Coast ward councillor, took Opposition leader Liza Harvey on a tour of some of the Butler electorate as part of her campaign to win the seat in the March state election.

Mrs Aitken met Mrs Harvey at the Wanneroo Rd and Romeo-Karoborup roads intersection before they went to look at a future regional open space area off Reinhold Place.

On Yanchep Beach Rd they stopped to look at what remains of the Yanchep Service Station, which was destroyed in the December 11 Yanchep bushfire originally started by a tree in the Yanchep National Park falling on high voltage wires.

While at the old Yanchep Service Station Mrs Aitken introduced Mrs Harvey to some residents affected by the Yanchep bushfire and they discussed the need to put the powerlines running alongside Indian Ocean Dr-Wanneroo Rd in the Yanchep National Park underground.

Breakwater estate resident Andy Kupfer said there needed to be a better fire mitigation measure than vegetation control in the overhead powerline area between between Pipidinny Rd and Old Yanchep Rd.

Mr Kupfer said about two months after the December bushfire there had been a similar bushfire on Wanneroo Rd near Walding Rd in Carabooda, but that time the fireys were able to contain and control the fire before it jumped the road or the sea breeze set in.

The February 18 bushfire started when a big tree fell on the powerline about 1.5km south of the initial ignition point of the December 11 fire.

He estimated it would cost about $1.5 million to put the 3km stretch of powerlines underground.

Yanchep Golf estate residents Barry and Heather Powell live close to the only entrance into the estate and during the bushfire while fire trucks where trying to fill up from a nearby fire hydrant so many people were trying to get in or out that they found it difficult to get out of their own driveway.

Mrs Powell said the only other entrance to the estate was an unsealed track closer to the national park and the bushfire.

Mrs Harvey advised the Powells to start a petition calling for an extra exit, which could then be presented to Parliament.

Sun City Country Club vice president Bruce Jones and Yanchep Golf estate residents Barry and Heather Powell at the Yanchep Service Station, which was destroyed in the Yanchep bushfire on December 11 last year. Picture: Anita McInnes

Sun City Country Club vice president Bruce Jones said the bushfire season was now longer, which made bushfire preparation and prevention even more important.

At the Two Rocks marina Mrs Harvey and Mrs Aitken talked with business owner John Young, who was a member of the Two Rocks marina redevelopment reference group and Yanchep resident Rob Ross.

Both Mr Young and Mr Ross told them that developing the marina was important to the area’s growth and potential.

Mr Ross said since the marina had been under the control of the Department of Transport five derelict boats and three derelict jetties had been removed with two new jetties built and one under construction.

During a visit to Mrs Aitken’s new campaign office in The Gateway Mrs Harvey said she thought the Liberal Party could win Butler as the McGowan Government had made a lot of promises for the area, which they were yet to deliver on.

Mrs Harvey said combining the Yanchep and Thornlie rail lines had been a mistake due to delays with the Thornlie project.

She said the Yanchep line was a simpler project and track should have been laid by now.

In March 2017 on two party preferred (after full distribution of preferences) Labor’s John Quigley was returned with 69.5 per cent of the vote while Mrs Aitken received 30.5 per cent.

Visit the Yanchep deserves underground power petition.