Yanchep’s Marmion Ave bus stop to move

The bus stop near the Yanchep Central Shopping Centre will be relocated as part of the dualling of Marmion Ave. Picture: Anita McInnes

 AS part of the dualling of Marmion Ave the bus stop near the Marmion Ave-Peony Blvd and Lagoon Dr intersection will be moved into a slip lane.

City of Wanneroo Mayor Tracey Roberts said after discussions with the Public Transport Authority the bus stop would have a dedicated bus bay.

The upgrade to dual carriageways on Marmion Ave will result in some other changes including around the Yanchep traffic lights, the Yanchep Beach Rd roundabout and Blackwood Meander.

Cr Roberts said the drainage swales in front of McDonald’s will be removed and underground stormwater storage cells in the vicinity of the existing drainage sumps would be used.

She said Marmion Ave-Peony Blvd and Lagoon Dr intersection would be modified to cater for the duplication of Marmion Ave and there would be some changes but no construction work at the Yanchep Beach Rd roundabout.

“When exiting the roundabout heading south traffic will enter Marmion Ave as a single carriageway, which will then convert to a dual carriageway about 80m before the service road entrance to the shopping centre.

“There will also be a dedicated right turning lane to turn right into Village Row. 

“When entering the Yanchep Beach Rd roundabout from Marmion Ave there will be a dedicated left turn lane and a straight through-right turn lane to head east.’’

She said the city is in discussion with Landcorp to buy land in the Blackwood Meander area for a path network.

“The land on the western side of Marmion Ave in the location of the existing closed underpass is currently owned and managed by Landcorp.

“The city is evaluating with the help of Landcorp the requirements for the city to purchase this section of land.

“The current design shows a complete path network at this area with a connection to a path on the western side of Marmion Ave.

Where there is not already a path, the city will provide a 3m wide red asphalt path from Camborne Parkway to Yanchep Beach Rd.

She said some congestion on the Yanchep end of Marmion Ave could be expected during the dualling process.

“(But) the advantage with the Marmion Ave duplication is that the majority of the duplication occurs to east of the existing road.

“The contractor will be able to construct the new carriageway without much traffic diversion.

“Once the new carriageway is completed, the contractor will divert the two-way traffic to the new carriageway while doing modifications to the existing intersections on the west of Marmion Ave, once all these works are completed to the dual carriageways.

“With the exception of Darbyshire Pde in Alkimos there will not be the requirement for any full road closures.”

The city has collaborated with the developers, Main Roads WA and the PTA-Metronet to put in place infrastructure on Marmion Ave required for the Yanchep rail extension.

“With the onset of the new rail, there are two stations between the existing station at Butler and Yanchep, these being Alkimos Central and Eglinton.

“As part of the Marmion Ave duplication the city will be constructing the station entrance road intersections for these two stations.

“The city is also providing an upgraded intersection at Graceful Blvd and Romeo Rd to cater for the forthcoming freeway extension.’’