Zebra crossings for Yanchep intersection

The Two Rocks Yanchep Residents Association wrote to Main Roads WA expressing its concerns about pedestrian crossing times at the Peony Blvd and Lagoon Dr intersection. Picture: Anita McInnes

ZEBRA crossings to be installed on the slip lanes at the Lagoon Dr and Peony Blvd intersection should be completed by mid-August, according to Main Roads WA.

The number of pedestrians crossing at Yanchep’s main intersection is set to increase with confirmation of the opening of the new Yanchep Secondary School for Years 7-11 in 2018 and Year 12 in 2019.

At present Yanchep District High School caters for students from kindergarten to Year 10, but in 2018 will become a primary school for students up to Year 6.

The Peony Blvd-Lagoon Dr and Marmion Ave intersection is close to the Yanchep Central Shopping Centre, fast food outlets and the 40-year-old Yanchep District High School.

The Two Rocks Yanchep Residents Association has already written to Main Roads WA expressing its concerns about pedestrian crossing times not being long enough and therefore creating safety issues and increasing the possibility of accidents.

They are also concerned that the intersection will become more dangerous as the school population increases and more students may have to access the traffic lights.

But in a detailed reply to the association’s secretary Lorraine Jackson, Main Roads WA said the parallel walk at many intersections was standard and timings were set to be consistent across the state and were based on Australian-wide best practice.

“These settings are used to maintain uniformity and encourage greater recognition and compliance from motorists and pedestrians across the network,” the spokeswoman said.

“The officers who operate the signals are not in a position to change these timings as it is a Main Roads direction to what they have to be.

“The green man time is an ‘invitation’ to cross the road and not intended to be the time a person requires to cross the road.

“The flashing red man is the time that pedestrians have a legal right-of-way to continue crossing and drivers legally have to give way to pedestrians.”

The spokeswoman said the issue was some inconsiderate motorists or ones that ignorant of the law were not giving way to pedestrians.

“Concerns regarding drivers disobeying the Road Traffic Code are a law enforcement issue for the police and should be referred to the local police station.

“Main Roads advises pedestrians to cross the intersection in a clock-wise direction which leads to fewer conflicts with vehicles.”

Crash statistics showed one crash involving a cyclist reported at the intersection since the traffic signals were installed in September 2015.

“This intersection is under the care and control of the City of Wanneroo and any investigation in relation to safety should be undertaken by the council.

“The pedestrian signal phasing at this intersection is set to National Standards with green (6 second) pedestrian signal time (invitation to cross) and the red flashing signal time (clearance) of 17 seconds, giving a total of 23 seconds to cross in both directions.

“Main Roads is arranging for zebra crossings be installed on the slip lanes at this intersection and it is anticipated that these works will be completed by mid-August.”

Mrs Jackson said most importantly, drivers needed to be educated on the rights of pedestrians and make sure they gave way to them, even after the ‘red man’ light was activated.

The City Of Wanneroo was contacted for comment.