Moorpark Ave block negotiations start

Proposals to create residential lots from vacant blocks on Moorpark Ave have prompted a need to review access, says the City of Wanneroo. Picture: Anita McInnes

AT a special meeting on Tuesday, June 7 the City of Wanneroo voted to undertake negotiations with land developers regarding four vacant blocks on Moorpark Ave.

Mayor Tracey Roberts said the decision would kick start a process to provide certainty over the future use of the land.

“Subdivision of this area in the mid to late 1970s left vacant land parcels which were originally planned to be used as access roads,’’ she said.

“More recent proposals by the land developer to create residential lots from the vacant land parcels have prompted a need to review the situation regarding access.

“The city is now taking action with a view to resolving this matter in the interests of all parties involved.”

Mrs Roberts said council officers would now initiate negotiations with land developers Primewest and Yanchep Beach Joint Venture regarding vacant blocks between 47 and 51 Moorpark Ave, 59 and 61 Moorpark Ave, 65 and 67 Moorpark Ave and 85 and 89 Moorpark Ave.

The council has also clarified that no further action would be taken relating to other land parcels in Moorpark Ave.

She said the city would work with the land developers to negotiate appropriate outcomes for the four vacant blocks.

“Negotiations will commence immediately and once in-principle agreement is reached between the developers and the city’s officers, proposals will be presented to a future council meeting for consideration,” she said.

“Moorpark Avenue residents will continue to be kept informed throughout the process and will be advised when this matter comes back to the council.”