Police say claim man forced to drive to Eglinton false

An Ashby man is due in court after police allege he made a false claim about being forced out of his car in Eglinton.

AN Ashby who claimed he was forced by two men to drive his car from Osborne Park to Marmion Ave just south of Pipidinny Rd in Eglington is due in court next month.

On Thursday, February 22 WA Police said a 28-year-old Ashby man was due to appear in the Joondalup Magistrates Court on Friday, March 23 after being charged with charged with creating a false belief and an attempt to gain a benefit by fraud.

A police spokesman said Joondalup detectives had conducted an extensive investigation into the claims made by the man.

The spokesman said police will allege the incident reported to WA Police on Thursday, February 8 did not happen.

“Following the incident, the victim lodged an insurance claim with his vehicle insurer, which it will be alleged was a false claim,’’ the spokesman said.

He said the man told Joondalup detectives that about 6.15pm on Wednesday, February 7 he had returned to his car parked on Howe St in Osborne Park.

The man claimed while he was seated in the car, two men approached and got into his car after which one of the men produced a big knife, pointed it at him and then ordered him to drive.

He said he then drove the men around for about two hours before being told to stop the car on Marmion Ave just south of Pipidinny Road in Eglington.

He said he had been ordered out of the car before the two men drove off in his vehicle.