Protective coatings business has plenty to offer


WITH workshops in Landsdale and Neergabby (West Gingin) West Coast Hydro has plenty to offer clients north of the river.

For about 10 years owners Matt and Ben McInnes have provided services need by companies in the mining industry.

In recent years they have been keen to expand the water blasting and protective coatings side of their business.

Matt McInnes said clients thinking about using protective coatings such as polyurethane and ceramic polymers needed to keep certain criteria in mind when choosing a coating, which would offer the longest service life for the best price.

Matt said “real life” conditions were the only true way to evaluate a protective coating as conditions and environments where the coatings had to function were all so different.

“Polyurethanes and ceramics approach wear reduction from opposite ends of the septum, one absorbs the impact and returns the energy without being damaged, the other resists wear by being so much harder than the wear product,” he said.

“This fundamental difference means that each product will have its niches where it endures so much better than the other.”

He said in today’s competitive marketplace it was important to increase the service life of your equipment while reducing repair and maintenance costs.

“Whether you are in mining or industrial manufacturing, margins are progressively being pushed.

“Simply knowing that a wear resistant coating should be employed is not enough.
“A coating poorly matched to an application can result in early failure of the lining resulting in significant wear.”

Talk to Matt to choose a coating that will offer the best service life and maximise return on your investment.

Ben McInnes has seven years’ experience operating class B high pressure cleaners including Hammelmann 500psi to 42,000psi plants including during the 2014 major shutdown at Tronox’s Chandala site.

Ben said that shutdown involved pre-cleaning for maintenance, including various rubber removal jobs and operating an auto blast system.

“I have cleaned tank hoppers, de-mister pads, major and minor fans, coated and uncoated materials,” he said.

“While working at Chandala my jobs included removing coatings, paint, rubber, epoxy, poly urea, fibreglass and concrete demolition – surface preparation.

“I have also learnt to repair, service and maintain water blasting equipment.

“At Chandala I gained experience in setting up working at heights for roof access for coating applications and have 10 years’ experience working at heights and in confined spaces and have operated equipment from scissor lifts to 135 AJs ( 135 ft EWP).”
Call Matt on 0407 986 499 or email or Ben on 0488 003 073 or email