Yanchep college work sink with lead off-limits

It is still not known when new test results for a work sink at Yanchep Secondary College, which opened this year, will be available. File picture


YANCHEP Secondary College students do not have access to a work sink which returned inconsistent results when lead testing was carried out at the school.

On Friday, February 2 the Department of Education said the work sink was strictly off-limits to students while the additional testing was underway.

The testing is being carried out by the Department of Finance’s Building Management and Works division.

A Building Management and Works spokeswoman on Friday afternoon said it was not known when the new test results for the work sink at Yanchep Secondary College would be available.

She said any announcement would most likely be made by the Education Minister Sue Ellery.

Ms Ellery had asked in October for the water to be tested for lead at 11 new schools, which were opened this year.

She also asked for taps to be flushed at established schools.

Australian Medical Association WA president Omar Khorshid said it would require long term exposure to water with a very high lead level for someone to get lead poisoning.

Dr Khorshid said while the risk to children was likely to be low lead could be highly damaging to young developing brains and children were more exposed to water at a school because of the amount of time they spent at school so he could understand why the McGowan Government was being cautious.

He said while it was extremely unlikely there was any danger to children from lead in the water at schools imagine what would happen to the government if elevated levels were found and they had not done anything about it.